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Lancia Delta Integrale Interiors
Lancia Delta Integrale Upholstery

We carry out innovative interior work on the following Lancia models:

Integrale Evolution 2, Integrale Evolution, Integrale 16v, Integrale 8v, Delta HF Turbo, Thema Ferrari, Thema S3, Thema S2 and Dedra range.

Advice and rectification offered vary from preventative maintenance and renovation (benchwork),through to repair or replacement (exchange). Prices exclude fitting, * Starting prices per seat.

Evolution 2 Seats   Evolution 2 Seats
Maintenance Ref: 2C1a
Renovation* right bolster Ref: 2C1b
Renovation* left bolster Ref: 2C1c
Renovation* both bolster Ref: 2C1d
Repair Ref: 2C1e
Purchase: 2C1f
Integrale Evolution Seats   Integrale Evolution Seats
Integrale 16v/ 8v kat
Maintenance Ref: 2C2a
Purchase: 2C2b
Thema Seats   Thema Seats
Thema 8.32, S3, S2, S1
Maintenance Ref: 2C3a
with Electric seats Ref: 2C3b
Repair Ref: 2C3c
Purchase: 2C3d
Integrale Evolution Seat   Integrale Evolution Seat
Integrale 16v / 8v kat
(Green Alcantara)
Repair Ref: 2C4a
Exchange* Ref: 2C4b
Purchase: 2C4c
Integrale Evolution   Integrale Evolution
Integrale 16v/ 8v kat
(Grey Alcantara)
Repair Ref: 2C5a
Exchange* Ref: 2C5b
Purchase: 2C5c
Integrale Seats   Integrale Seats
Integrale 16v / 8v / 4wd
(Alcantara/ stripe)
Repair Ref: 2C6a
Exchange* Ref: 2C6b
Purchase: 2C6c
Integrale Seat   Integrale Seat
Integrale 16v / 8v / 4wd
(Alcantara/ stripe)
Exchange* Ref: 2C7a
Purchase: 2C7b
Delta HF Turbo Seat   Delta HF Turbo Seat
(Alcantara/ stripe)
Maintenance Ref: 2C8a
Repair Ref: 2C8b
Exchange* Ref: 2C8c
Purchase: 2C8d
Full Interior Connollising   Full Interior Connollising
Ref: 2C9
New Evo 2 Leather Interior

New Evo 2 Leather Interior
High Back Recaro Seats
Lancia Colours & Stitching
Ref: 2C10