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Working Practices
Lancia Servicing & Lancia Repairs


1. "Estimating"
All work is estimated and authorisation sought prior to commencement.
2. "Diagnosis"
Most problems can be diagnosed within two hours, with many taking considerably less time.
3. "Ethics"
We will only sell something we believe in and will explain the benefits and disadvantages of products fairly, when asked. We will never advocate the reduction of a vehicle's factory equipment, both technological and aesthetic, where such removal has only a marginal effect towards the intended objective.
4. "Operation"
All work is carried out using the appropriate equipment. Fitment detail is based on factory standards, ensuring that all fixings and fittings are in accordance with the way the vehicle left the factory, or improved with more advanced components.
5. "Diligence"
Any faults noticed are always reported for authorisation and recorded on all invoices as further attention where appropriate.
6. "Quality"
Anti corrosion treatment is just one of the areas in which we believe we make a difference to saving our customers future expense. All components worked on, or in the vicinity, are automatically treated with anti-corrosion agents where applicable.
7. "Experience"
Sometimes there are opportunities to improve the vehicle in one area while working on another; but sometimes while working on the vehicle, there are opportunities to improve the chance of improving the vehicle in future (should failure even occur). We take those opportunities as well.
8. "Innovation"
Often we can save our customers' future expense by simply applying our knowledge and previous experience, but sometimes it is that something special that really makes the difference... but then it just becomes experience.
9. "Peace of Mind"
All our work is guaranteed, so in the unlikely event that something is not quite right, we will address it promptly, at no charge.